Kwebang Lampas (Pagbilao, Quezon)


Kwebang Lampas is a popular name used to refer to a piece of beach cove found in brgy. Isla Polo, Pagbilao, Quezon, around 5-6 hours travel from Manila. This beach cove known by many names such as “Island Grande Beach” and “Puting Buhangin beach” was once a private property but is now open to the public.

The … Read more

Adventure Notes # 15: Pico de Loro Traverse Dayhike

FEBRUARY 26, 2016


Due to the opening of the Kaybiang tunnel, a Pico de Loro dayhike traverse is now more accessible. Before, those who do the traverse hike will have to go back to Manila via Nasugbu while practically barring anyone with private transportation . With Kaybiang … Read more

Tarak Ridge (Mariveles, Bataan, 1,130+ MASL)

Location: Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan
Duration: 1 day / 4-6 hours hike to ridge
Challenge level: Moderate / Level 4/9
Activities: Hiking
Attractions: Tropical forest, scenic views at the ridge
Budget: P800 – 1,000
When to visit: All year round

Tarak Ridge can be found on the west face of Mt. Mariveles, a dormant volcano located in the … Read more

Mt. Pinatubo (Capas, Tarlac, 960+ MASL)

Location: Sta. Julian, Capas, Tarlac
Duration: 1 day / 2-4 hours hike to summit lake
Challenge level: Low (Level 2/9)
Activities: Hiking, 4×4 ride
Attractions: Beautiful formations, scenic lake
Budget: P 2,500-3,000
When to visit: Non rainy months

Mt. Pinatubo is considered an active stratovolcano located on the tripoint of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga. On June 15, … Read more

Should You Feel Bad if There is No Summit View?

For mountaineers, one of the highlights of a climb is the view at the summit. Twenty minutes of pure adult glee as cameras click and zoom away to capture moments of victory, achievement and awe inspiring beauty. Group shots, jump shots, and selfies become payback for the hours of sweat, agony, and the occasional tears.

Yet, many times, mountaineers find … Read more

Why Do You Climb?

This is often asked of mountaineers by well intentioned friends and family. The answer is never clear.  But I would like to offer some thoughts.

In today’s world of instant entertainment, technology, and dizzying pace of life, we have forgotten the ancient bond that once connected us to Nature. Climbing and experiencing life outdoors allows us to revive that bond … Read more

Adventure Notes # 6: Mt. Manabu Dayhike

I will always have good memories of Mt. Manabu in Lipa Batangas. On my first climb in this mountain, we had kapeng barako (strong local coffee) in Mang Pirying’s hut, about half an hour from the summit, while we waited out for the mild rain to abate. A fee weeks ago, after almost two years, I was again able to … Read more

Anatomy of A Climb

Whenever I look back at my past climbs, I barely remember the actual climb itself.  There are unforgettable moments of course but most of the time, I simply remember the challenges.  Yet, those who have caught on the passion dream of it on nights and reminisce by day.

So what makes the climbing bug so hard to ignore? My answer … Read more

Adventure Notes # 5: Tarak Ridge Dayhike

When I first climbed Tarak Ridge, on the west side of Mt. Mariveles in Alas-asin, Bataan almost a year ago, it was my first time to don a 65L pack which probably  weighed in at around 15 kgs or more.  As Tarak Ridge was described to be climbable in 4 hours, I didn’t mind it much. Little did I know Read more

Here Comes the Rain

It’s the rainy season again! Rather than withdrawing into your burrows, this is actually a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors. The trails and mountains become greener, the air cooler and fresher, and you can literally feel life stirring around you.  Muddy trails will naturally make your life miserable but to an adventurer, anything miserable is also enjoyable. You can … Read more