Mt. Kalisungan (Calauan, Laguna)


Mt. Kalisungan is a minor mountain in Laguna. As with the other Southern Tagalog mountains that receives ample rainfall, the main attraction of the mountain is its lush trails highlighted by fruit bearing trees and grasslands near the summit.

As narrated by Gideon Lasco of, “verdant fields surround the slopes of Kalisungan. There are coconut trees, banana plantations, corn fields, citrus orchards, and vast grasslands leading to the summit.”


The view at the summit is encompassing. To the north is Talim island and Mt. Tagapo; then the Jalajala peninsula jutting into Laguna Lake along with Mt. Sembrano. Also visible are the highlands of Caliraya,  the seven lakes of San Pablo, and the grand mountains of Southern Tagalog – Cristobal, Banahaw, and Makiling.


Mt. Kalisungan’s charm lies in its rustic and fresh feel, thanks to its lush trails and fruit bearing trees. The hike which takes anywhere from 2 to 4 hours is a challenge but still suited for a beginner hiker or those who just want to have an escape from city life, without the crowds on more popular hiking spots. On hot days, make sure to bring enough sun cover and liquids.


Take a bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna at the major bus terminals (Buendia, Cubao and Alabang). Alight at Victoria, Laguna (known as Masabang or Itik junction). There is a landmark of three oversized duck sculptures by the side of the road. Take a tricycle to Brgy. Lamot, and drop by the barangay hall to register and arrange a guide.

If you have private transportation, head to Calamba via SLEX, then follow the national highway passing Los Baños until you reach the junction of Victoria. Make a right turn at the junction and go straight until you reach Brgy. Lamot.

6:00 AM Take bus bound to Sta. Cruz from Buendia bus terminal
9:00 AM Alight at Victoria, Laguna (at the Duck junction). Take tricycle to Brgy. Lamot
9:15 AM Arrive in Brgy. Lamot. Register at Brgy. Hall and arrange guide
9:30 AM Start trek
12:00 PM Arrive at summit. It is marked with a white cross. Lunch.
1:00 PM Start descent
3:30 PM Back at Brgy. Lamot. Tidy up and take tricycle to Victoria, Laguna
4:00 PM Wait for Buendia or Cubao-bound buses at highway
7:00 PM Arrive in Manila
Bus fare Buendia to Masabang/Itik Junction P125
Tricycle fare to Brgy. Lamot P20/person
Registration fee 20/person
Guide fee P400/day
Tricycle fare to to Masabang/Itik Junction P30/person
Bus fare to Buendia from Masabang/Itik Junction P116
Comfort room (Itik Junction) P3/P5 per use
Start of the hike

Start of the hike


Due to the crisscrossing paths, the trails can be confusing and overgrown. A guide is recommended.


The grand Mt. Makiling as seen on the trails of Mt. Kalisungan.


Victoria’s specialty – itik or duck


Towards the end of World War II, the mountain witnessed the last stand of the Japanese army in Laguna . After the war, locals erected a white cross at the summit and it became a popular custom to climb the mountain during the Holy Week. The cross however is nowhere to be found today, possible a casualty of the strong typhoons that passed by the area.


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“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” – Greg Child

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