Lake Venado (North Cotabato)

The Mystical Lake

Nestled in a plateau within the the Mt. Apo National Park, a mystical lake silently mirrors the grandness of the country’s highest peak. Lying at an impressive 2,194 meters above sea level, Lake Venado is the second highest lake in the country. According to local beliefs, the lake is enchanted and protected by nature spirits.

The waters of Lake Venado, which means “deer” in Spanish, comes from Mt. Apo’s run off and has no outlet. At its deepest point, the lake can reach up to 20 meters deep. During the summer months however, the lake loses two thirds of its water to evaporation.

The lake’s flat and open vicinity is a popular camping site and meeting points for climbers making their way up or down the mountain’s several trails. Standing on Lake Venado’s banks on a clear day, one can only marvel at the dreamy fusion of mountain, forest and lake, all the while as Mt. Apo’s outline reflects on its crystal clear water.

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