Outdoor Gear Checklist

www.liveoutdoorsph.com_Outdoor Gear ChecklistYou don’t really need a lot of gears when going on day hikes especially if it is your first time. A backpack to carry your things, clothes that gives you adequate protection without being too tight or baggy, and sturdy shoes/sandals should be enough. Avoid using new or stylish shoes as it might usually be dirtied or damaged. Using a rain cover is an easy way to protect your backpack from dirt. Don’t forget your personal stuff too like personal medication, phone, and identification cards.

Outdoor Gear Checklist (Basic)
  • 2-3 L water or liquids
  • Packed meals
  • Trail food (energy bars, nuts, jelly ace, dried fruits)
  • Long sleeved clothing and pants / rash guard
  • Sturdy shoes/sandals
  • ID with emergency phone numbers and blood type
  • Raincoat
  • Toiletries/personal medication
  • Cellphone, money, camera and other personal stuff
  • First aid kit, flashlight and whistle
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Intermediate)

www.liveoutdoorsph.com_Outdoor Gear ChecklistAs you go on more climbs, you will realize the importance of sturdy gears specially designed for the rough life outdoors. A good trekking pants for instance is light and comfortable, and durable trekking shoes can absorb the strain and allow great traction on uneven or slippery terrain. In addition, equip yourself for longer hikes. Headlamps will help you when night falls and trekking poles are helpful if you suffer a sprain.

  • Backpack (25L-35L) and rain cover
  • Trekking pants
  • Trekking shoes/sandal
  • Bush hat
  • Trekking pole
  • Headlamps
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Camping):

When going camping, you may find yourself in need of a larger backpack. Generally, a 45L-65L backpack will be adequate depending on how much you need to carry. Tents are used as primary shelter. You also need to protect yourself against the cold nights.

  • Overnight backpack (45-65L)
  • Tent / groundsheet / earthpad
  • Sleeping bag
  • Cold protection (thermal/cotton/wool undershirt, sweater,
  • Windbreaker/jacket, gloves/bonnet/thick socks)
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Cooking):

Cooking in the mountain has become a standard practice in Philippine mountaineering (but if you feel that canned food is for you, don’t let this stop you). Most mountaineers carry with them portable stove and cooking sets/utensils.

  • Portable stove and fuel
  • Cooking/eating utensils
  • Spoon/fork/knife/can opener
  • Lighter /matches
  • Garbage bags/Ziplocks
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Toiletries):

Going outdoors doesn’t mean you will scrimp on your hygiene. Though you can’t possibly go for a full shower, you can still ensure that your friends won’t drop dead by your heavenly scent.

  • Trowel (for digging) / tissue paper
  • Soap/ shampoo
  • Small towel
  • Toothbrush / toothpaste
  • Alcohol
  • Deodorant and perfume
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Gadgets):

www.liveoutdoorsph.com_Outdoor Gear ChecklistSome cool gadgetry can make you feel like those cool adventurers in the National Geographic shows.

  • DSLR cameras
  • Two-way radios
  • GPS / altimeter watches
  • Compass / Topographic maps
  • Extra batteries / memory
Outdoor Gear Checklist (Utilities):

And then  there are the small things that can make a big impact. There are what some consider as outdoor “life hacks” items. Duct tape can work wonders in mending tears in bags and tents. Cords can double as tent anchors on windy weather and as clothesline.

  • Ballpen / paper – For taking notes during the climb
  • Ribbons / sewing threads / whistle – Ribbons and sewing thread can be used to mark your trail when you get lost. This will allow you to return to your original position.
  • Utility rope / multi-purpose cord / twine
  • Duct tape
  • Swiss knife
  • Slippers

Note: This outdoor gear checklist is meant to be used as a guide rather than an exhaustive list. Specific destinations may require specialized gears and equipment not covered by this list. If we missed something that you think should be in every hiker’s checklist, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Happy hiking!

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