Adventure Notes # 16: Mt. Hapunang Banoy

MARCH 20, 2016

Mt. Hapunang Banoy is one of the Rizal mountains (the others are Mts. Pamitinan, Binacayan, and Ayaas) accessible from Brgy Wawa, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal. The relative proximity and convenience of going to Rizal has opened the area to more visitors looking for a quick getaway from the city.

According to … Read more

Mountains in the Bible

During a Sunday mass we recently attended, the priest mentioned the significance of mountains in the Bible. For example, in the Old Testament, God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses in Mt. Sinai. In the New Testament, Jesus oftentimes went to the mountains to preach.

My interest got pique so I researched and compiled the instances and events that involves … Read more

Higher than the Clouds

An outdoor recreation page in Facebook caught my interest. It says that its location is in the trails and summits. Those two magic words are all you need to bait me. Looks like Facebook’s algorithm got it right this time. The page also advertised that it will have its first Mt. Pulag Expedition on November 21-22, 2014. I had already … Read more

Mount Pulag – Keeping the Faith and Taking Chances

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When things seem out of control, it’s time to have faith.

Mount Pulag stands 2,922 meters above sea level. It is the third highest peak in the Philippines and one of most sought nature park. The Ambangeg trail starts at the ranger camp at the base and going all the way through the pine forest, mossy forest, grassland, and finally … Read more

Adventure Notes # 15: Pico de Loro Traverse Dayhike

FEBRUARY 26, 2016


Due to the opening of the Kaybiang tunnel, a Pico de Loro dayhike traverse is now more accessible. Before, those who do the traverse hike will have to go back to Manila via Nasugbu while practically barring anyone with private transportation . With Kaybiang … Read more

Environmental Groups in the Philippines

Are you on the look out for possible environmental groups that you want to support. Below are the different groups with a presence in the Philippines:

Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc., simply known as Haribon Foundation, is a nature conservation organization in the Philippines. The name “Haribon” (“bird king”) is a reference Read more